The Moon and The Crow

by Mysterious Everything

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Right before I recorded this stuff I was living in Connecticut where I had been playing the drums in a hardcore/thrash/noise band for a while.

I eventually started listening to a wider variety of music, and decided I wanted to play something completely different.

My friend Jeff and I (who were the guitarist and drummer of the hardcore band I was in) both felt the same way and started being really experimental. Making Arrhythmic noise using tons of different effects, trying to record noises you could not identify. Trying to make it sound like it was recorded a million years ago in a jungle on another planet. Just searching for a different sound.

Then in 2006 I moved to California by myself to go to Audio Engineering School. I was living in a small apartment in Hollywood by myself.
I didn't talk to many people and pretty much stayed in my apartment soul searching and recording songs while I wasn't working or at school.

My goal with this album was to create songs that had rhythm and structure, but included the experimental noise, and psychedelic atmospheric stuff I was into at the time.

Even though some of my favorite bands to listen to at the time where Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Amon Duul II, Can, Hawkwind etc. I was limited to hand percussion in the apartment and had no where else to go, so that played a big part in the sound of the songs, given the fact that playing a drum set is my greatest strength in my opinion.


released May 6, 2007



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Mysterious Everything Pioneertown, California

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Track Name: The Woods
Im on a thing heading into the woods.
Im in a daze and feeling alone.
Maybe while Im there Ill find a home.
Maybe a dozen you never know.
You have to let everything go.
The summer sun is fading into the night,
It'll never last.
Track Name: The Crow I know
Found a neck tie in the rocks, and the sky is made of yellow socks.
Wheres the crow i know the crow i know the crow i know?
I sat down for a while waiting for the crocodile,
but he didn't show he is too slow, now I've got to go shovel.
Track Name: Henry
Henry Henry Henry
Henry Henrietta
Track Name: The Oven Rack
Take me back into the oven rack,
on the left hand side, where i reside.

The waking of the beast.
Indulgence like a feast.
Ill hide inside my nest.

With a bumble necklace tied around my shoe
I cant go anywhere, I don't what to do,
so Ill hide away in a lions mane,
and ill come back out with a walking cane.

Talking to a tree. Don't know where I should be.
I think Ill take a rest.

Take me back into the oven rack on the left hand side where i reside watch me step inside and go for a ride and i wont come down until im toasty brown.

take it easy baby.